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Biological Engineering

Bioengineering is a discipline that applies engineering principles of design and analysis to biological systems and biomedical technologies. Examples of bioengineering research include bacteria engineered to produce chemicals, new medical imaging technology, portable disease diagnostic devices, and tissue engineered organs.
Tianyi centrifugal extractor has been used in bioengineering industry widely, such as for nutrient liquid extraction, interferon extraction, some organic acid extraction etc. With the high separation efficiency and speed, tianyi centrifugal extractor enjoyed great popularity.

Here we mainly introduce organic acid extraction.
Fermentation industries, including the industry of citric acid, lactic acid, monosodium glutamate, liquor, starch sugar etc, play an import role in many industries. But the wastewater pollution from fermentation restrict its sustainable development. The wastewater includes much organic such as lactic acid, citric acid, sugar, protein etc, and have characteristic of high concentration, high viscosity, recalcitrant and strong acidity. It is necessary to develop high efficiency and energy saving process and equipment that used for fermentation wastewater.