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Pesticide Industry

Tianyi centrifugal extractor used in pesticide industry widely, such for malathion extraction, acetochlor extraction, chlorinated pesticides and so on. Tianiyi centrifugal extractor solvent extraction is new extraction method that significantly streamlines sample preparation. It provide a more convenient, faster, and less solvent intensive method than previously available for the extraction of chlorinated pesticides from environmentally important samples.

For acetochlor extraction with centrifugal extractor as example.
Acetochlor is a kind of amide herbicides, and have good herbicidal effect, It is mainly used to weeding on crop such as soybean, potato, sugarcane, peanut, corn and cotton. for the acetochlor reaction liquid post processing, it need acid cleaning, alkaline cleaning and washing to reach qualified technical index.
CWL-M serious centrifugal extractor of Tianyi group is a kind of new and high efficiency equipment, fast separation shorten the technology time , and conquer emulsification, and can produce continuously.

Solvent extraction method has been a good effect and low cost treatment method.

The process is: Adapted the agent which could dissolve pollutants but undissolve water, made it and wastewater in full mixing, used its different distribution ratio in water and solvent to separate and extract pollutants, it is a kind of wastewater purification method. Extraction agent with material that need to be extracted go process back extraction with back extraction agent, to recover valuable products, and the extraction agent is recycled and reused.

Aiming at the market disadvantage, Zhengzhou tianyi extraction technology co.,ltd bring out CWL-M series centrifugal extractor aimed to phenolic wastewater, and turning it into treasure. This series extractor is our the 4th product with our independent intellectual property rights, and patent number: ZL2014205865573. Under the same handling capacity, this series of machine energy consumption is 10%~30% of traditional annular type. At the same time, and it has short duration, split phase velocity, high extraction rate, save cost and solvent could be recycled and reused.

Other name of product: high concentrated organic wastewater treatment centrifugal extractor, phenol wastewater treatment centrifugal extractor, coking wastewater centrifugal extractor

capacity: 1000-150000 L/H

Product category:
multistage counter current extraction device, multistage cross current extraction device, single stage centrifugal extractor.

Application fields: such as coking industrial gasworks, coking plant, oil refinery, gas generation station, kerosene plant in coal oil plant, forestry plant, the factory that regard phenol as raw material, which produce resin, plastic synthetic fibre, dye, medicine, spice, pesticide, food additives, fibreglass, paint, sanitizer, flotation agent and so on.

Customization or not: Yes If supply
small test or pilot-plant test: Yes