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Petrochemical Engineering

With the recent developments in petroleum industry, have made liquid-liquid extraction theory, uses, and apparatus well known in this field. Tianyi centrifugal extractor has been used in oil-water separation (such as crude oil/heavy oil/ diesel oil and so on to remove water or salt), waste oil/engine oil recycling, lubricating oil purification, solvent oil separation and so on. Tianyi centrifugal extractor with high separation efficiency, save energy power, automatic control and high adaptability etc advantages, to meet the customers’ separation requirements.

For lubricating oil purification as an example.
Lubricating oil is on of the most important liquids that are used in almost all vehicles and machines. Lubricating oils play a dual role of heat transfer and that of frication reduction that reduces the heat generated in internal combustion engines. Basically, the main ingredient of lubricant oil is the base oil, which is refined from crude oil or synthesized in the laboratory. Base oil is mixed with additives to enhance the ability of the oil to act as a layer between contact surfaces.
It may be surprising to note that, under normal circumstances, lubricating oil can not be easily destroyed; it only gets dirty and is easily contaminated by other solvents. This property makes it a potential pollutant that must not be allowed to get into the environment.
The re-refining process of used oil consists of dehydration, solvent extraction, solvent stripping and vacuum distillation.
Aiming at the disadvantages of traditional centrifugal extractor, Zhengzhou Tianyi Extraction Technology Co.,Ltd. bring out CWL-M series centrifugal extractor, and own independent intellectual property rights , patent number :ZL2014205865573. Under the same handling capacity condition, this machine power consumption is only 10%~30% of traditional anular type, at the same time, short duration of this machine, split phase quickly, high extraction rate, save cost and solvent could be recycled and reused.