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Pharmaceutical Industry

Liquid—liquid extraction is a unit operation based on differential solubility of a consolute in two immiscible solvents. This separation technique, also known as solvent extraction, has many successful applications in the pharmaceutical industry because of its inherent flexibility and its suitability for processing heat-sensitive products.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing many challenges: Invention of new drugs and improvement of the therapeutic drug efficacy against numerous pathologies, meanwhile supporting a continuous effort to move environment-friendly process and reducing the use of potentially harmful solvents.
Tianyi centrifugal extractor has been used in pharmaceutical industry widely, such as for ethyl acetate extraction, methylene dichloride extraction, chloroform extraction, phenol-chloroform extraction etc.
As nature is almost an unlimited source of active substances, a great interest is paid to concentrate them or remove undesired compounds, using mainly extraction with organic solvents or water or ethanol/water mixtures, depending on the polarity of the targeted molecules.

Aiming at the disadvantages of traditional centrifugal extractor, Zhengzhou Tianyi Extraction Technology Co.,Ltd. bring out CWL-M series centrifugal extractor, and own independent intellectual property rights , patent number :ZL2014205865573. Under the same handling capacity condition, this machine power consumption is only 10%~30% of traditional anular type, at the same time, short duration of this machine, split phase quickly, high extraction rate, save cost and solvent could be recycled and reused.