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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a unique and complex medical system that has developed over thousands of years. The chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is very complex, both contain a variety of active ingredients, but also ineffective ingredients, also contain toxic ingredients. Extracting the active ingredient and further isolation, purification, effective research in the field of traditional Chinese medicine monomer is an important element. Chinese medicine is the use of some techniques to maximize extraction to extract the active ingredient, so that the intrinsic quality of Chinese medicine and clinical results improved and the effect of traditional Chinese medicine can be maximized.Tianyi centrifugal extractor has been used in traditional Chinese medicine widely.
 The extraction of traditional Chinese medicine is an important traditional Chinese medicine production process unit operations, extraction system which uses directly related to the extraction efficiency of Chinese medicine extraction costs, and quality of Chinese medicine and clinical results after extraction.
The utility model aims to provide a retention cycle and temperature, greatly reducing solvent consumption, reduce extraction costs multifunctional medicine extraction system.

Aiming at the disadvantages of traditional centrifugal extractor, Zhengzhou Tianyi Extraction Technology Co.,Ltd. bring out CWL-M series centrifugal extractor, and own independent intellectual property rights , patent number :ZL2014205865573. Under the same handling capacity condition, this machine power consumption is only 10%~30% of traditional anular type, at the same time, short duration of this machine, split phase quickly, high extraction rate, save cost and solvent could be recycled and reused.