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Project Case
Jinchuan Nickel and Cobalt separation plant
Gansu province
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Sales Hotline: +86-15237168511
Description of project:
Jinchuan group co., ltd. is a super large mining, selection, metallurgy, chemical, deep processing joint enterprise, the main production nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum noble metals and non-ferrous metal rolling processing products, chemical products, non-ferrous metal chemicals, non-ferrous metal new materials.It is the third largest copper and nickel sulfide deposit in the world, the production base of nickel and cobalt in China, the platinum group metal refining center and the largest copper production enterprise in northern China. It is known as the "nickel capital" of China and has a strong influence in the global industry.After nearly 60 years of construction and development, the company has a production capacity of 200,000 tons of nickel, 1 million tons of copper, 10,000 tons of cobalt, 3,500 kilograms of platinum group metals, 30 tons of gold, 600 tons of silver, 200 tons of selenium and 5.6 million tons of chemical products.
Technological process:
We cooperated with 44 stages of CWL650-M centrifugal extractor for nickel and cobalt extraction and separation, counter-current extraction process, it has high separation efficiency .