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Project Case
Pesticide (acetochlor) production
Henan province
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Description of project:
Acetochlor is a kind of amide herbicides, and have good herbicidal effect, It is mainly used to weeding on crop such as soybean, potato, sugarcane, peanut, corn and cotton. for the acetochlor reaction liquid post processing, it need acid cleaning, alkaline cleaning and washing to reach qualified technical index.
Our product CWL-M serious centrifugal extractor is a high efficiency, energy saving equipment, it can not only separate fastly, but also conquer emulsification, and can produce continuously.

Technological process:

These process are not limited to acid cleaning, alkaline cleaning and washing, it will be changed according to actual situation.
These process are applicable to separate organic which not insoluble to water.
These process separated by centrifugal force which have more higher separation efficiency
These process cover small areas, take lower power consumption, and can produce continuously.