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High selective copper solvent extraction centrifugal extractor

The common process of copper mining, beneficiation and smelting, which has so many defects such as complex, large investment, high power consumption, high production cost and environmental pollution etc. While the technology of leaching, SX-EX cause great concern of mining industry. It has advantages with simple process, less construction funds and production cost, less pollution, to make full use of lean copper ore, oxidized ore, residual ore in pit, tailing ore and wastewater contained copper, to achieve the secondary utilization of copper resources.
1g/l copper content is required in leaching solution generally, therefore, repeated leaching is necessary sometimes. Usually, heap leaching, tank leaching and leaching in place need many times to leach.

The extraction and electrodeposition processes include three processes: one is the extraction of copper by kerosene solution of hydroxyl oxime extractant, which is selective for copper. Copper enters the organic phase and is separated from iron, zinc and other impurities. Second, the copper containing 50g/l was obtained by the back extraction of copper with a higher concentration of sulfuric acid solution. After the back extraction, the organic phase was washed and returned to the extraction process for use, and the raffinate was returned to the leaching process for use, so as to achieve a virtuous cycle in the whole process. Third, electrodeposition copper sulfate solution to obtain electrodeposition copper, copper contained up to above 99.8%,  after liquid after electrodeposition return and use as back extraction agent.


CWL-M series of centrifugal extractor is used in copper SX widely, with the advantages of high copper selective, high extraction rate, environmental protection, solvent saving. Centrifugal extractors are economical and reliable machines for continuous liquid-liquid extraction, because they mix intensively and separate in one unit.
The TIEI CWL-M Centrifugal extractor has been continuously improved to fulfill all requirements.  

Requirements for a centrifugal extractor:

1.  Variable mixing, to generate the ideal droplet size

2.  Rapid separation

3.  Long time times to allow for a complete mass transfer

4.  Easy piloting with lab scale equipment

5   Reliable scale up from lab scale to process scale

6.  Acceptable invest and side cost

7.  Corrosion resistance material, such as PVDF

8.  Anti-explosion installation

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