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Extraction and separation of vanadium and nickel from fly ash
In the world, large amounts of fly ash(FA) are produced as a result of burning heavy oil in power plants every year. Extraction of metals from FA is an important industrial/environmental issue to assess metal’s mobility and applications. Large amounts of metal(V, Ni, Fe, Ca, Mg, Na and K) were easily leached from FA under acidic, basic and neutral conditions and this makes disposal of this material an important environment issue.

Extraction and separation of vanadium(V) and Nickel(Ni) from FA as the flowing diagram:
Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction Technology Co.,Ltd. not only could supply the related technology, but also the related equipments, especially the sovlent extraction equipments is famous both at home and abroad.
Both mixer settler and centrifugal extractor.


Our group and short name “Tianyi”, devoted in liquid-liquid centrifugal extracting machine research and manufacturing more than 10years, our machine with high speed and efficient separation effect, it applied in many fields, such as oil water separation, rare metal extraction in hydrometallurgy industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, industrial wastewater treatment and so on.

Tianyi group cooperated with local many famous university, and building our own R&D center, more than 20 people high level scientific research team. Our professional technology and dedicated attitude will give the best service.

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