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Purification lactic acid from corn fermentation with centrifugal extractor
As an important organic acid, lactic acid is widely found in human body, animal and plant. Lactic acid, lactate and its derivatives are widely used in food, feed, chemical industry and medicine etc. In recent years, as a new material, Poly L-lactic acid polymerized by the L-PLA has attracted worldwide attention. Let's take a look at the extraction and separation of lactic acid from corn fermentation broth.

The main methods for industrial production of lactic acid are fermentation, chemical synthesis and enzymatic method. The extraction and refining of lactic acid is a very important step in the production of lactic acid. Calcium salt extraction of lactic acid, easy to control the operation, mature process, but the process is long, high labor intensity, low yield. The ion exchange method can increase the yield of lactic acid, but the separation cost is high. Adsorption method is not highly specific and desorption is difficult. Solvent extraction method is easy to operate, high extraction selectivity and high purity, but it is especially important to choose the right extraction agent.

For example, One Henan company used the solvent extraction method instead of the original ion exchange method to extract lactic acid from the fermentation broth of corn, and built the production of 20,000 tons/production line. The specific process is as follows:

  • Lactic acid fermentation liquid → extraction section→ raffinate;
  • Organic phase regeneration washing section → washed water;
  • Organic phase back extraction section → lactic acid back extraction liquid →after-treatment stage;
  • Deep organic phase  treatment section

The company adopts TIEI CWL650-Mcentrifugal extractor for production. After multi-stage countercurrent extraction, the extraction rate is greater than 99%, high purity lactic acid solution can be obtained after impurity removed and back extraction of the organic phase.The organic phase can be reused after deep treatment.With easy operation, high automation, low labor cost, good work environment and low comprehensive cost, the process obtained higher social economic benefit.


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