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Liquid-liquid extraction in the pharmaceutical industry
Liquid-liquid extraction in the pharmaceutical industry

Purification of an active pharmaceutical ingredient, Equipment model selection of Ibuprofen synthesis process, washing and extraction

Ibuprofen is one of the most common antipyretics, it need washing equipment during the process of ibuprofen synthesis, so which extraction equipment is better
Traditional equipment, In the past, ketal washing was usually carried out in the reaction kettle in industrial production, while this method need long time, and washing effect is not stable, and it can’t achieve continuous production. So there are more and more chemical enterprises use new efficiency centrifugal extractor instead of reaction kettle to improve.
Centrifugal extractors have high efficiency and continuous operation, it not only increase the production capacity greatly, and reduce the investment.

Case Of Ibuprofen Synthesis With TIEI Centrifugal Extractor

Example: Pharmaceutical enterprise of Shandong that ibuprofen synthesis workshop, and the throughput is 10m3/h, Ketal washing with our CWL550-M centrifugal extractor, the process has good separation effect and rapidly, washed ketal entered in the next process, the actual throughput reach up 15m3/h, shorted the production time greatly, and obtained obvious economic benefits.


Advantage Of TIEI Centrifugal Extractor In Pharmaceuticals

  • 1. Low hold-up relative to throughput (safe and economical);
  • 2. Short liquid residence time in the machine, for biodegradable, sensitive, or unstable products etc;
  • 3. Rapid chemical and hydraulic equilibrium, well adapted to both continuous and batch operations;
  • 4. Rapid and efficient liquid separation due to high centrifugal forces, and can treat liquids with low density differences (Δρ= 0.03);
  • 5. Compact installation Vaportight, good work environment;
  • 6. Equipment with small volume, and small floor space;
  • 7. Large throughput, low power consumption;
  • 8. Adjustable rotation speed and mixing type, adapted to different extraction system requirements;
  • 9. Adapted top-suspension structure, no bottom bearings or mechanical seal, no leakage risk, no wear parts, easy to maintain;
  • 10.Easy to change the heavy phase weir, no need to disassemble motor or bearings.
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