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Centrifugal extractor is a new type of liquid-liquid extraction and separation equipment, with fast and efficient advantages, it has essential difference in principle with traditional extraction equipments such as mixer settler, extraction column etc.
Working principle
Centrifugal extractor introduction

Centrifugal extractor is a new type of liquid-liquid extraction and separation equipment, with fast and efficient advantages, it has essential difference in principle with traditional extraction equipments such as mixer settler, extraction column and so on. Centrifugal extractor adopt motor to drive the bowl with high-speed rotation, under the condition of shear force generated by bowl or blade rotation, two different density and immiscible liquids complete mixing and mass transfer; and separated rapidly by centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of bowl.

Count-current Extraction

Cross-current Extraction


Work process

1.Mixing and mass transfer process

Light and heavy phases of solution enter in the internal mixing zone of shell from two feed inlets separately in a certain ratio, mixed and separated rapidly, to complete mixing and mass transfer process.

2.Separation process

Under the action of the feeder or turbine disc, the mixed liquor enter in bowl, in the cavity formed by web, it soon rotated with bowl synchronously, under the condition of centrifugal force, during the upward flow process, the heavier liquid is away from the bowl center and towards to the bowl wall, while the lighter liquid is away from the bowl wall and towards to the bowl center, clarified liquids enter in collecting chamber through their respective weirs and discharged from light and heavy phase outlets, to complete separation process.

Characteristic Of Centrifugal Extractor:
 Our CWL-M series of centrifugal extractor is our independent R&D equipment with patents, it is different with other traditional extraction equipments, with many advantages, For example:

1. Simple and stable structure

Top-suspension structure, no bearing and mechanical seal at the bottom, no leakage risk, easy to maintain and save maintenance cost, long service life;

2. Energy-saving

Large capacity, more energy-saving (under the same capacity condition, the power consumption is 1/10-1/3 of the annular type);

3. Corrosion resistance

Equipment could adopt perfluoro polymer material, resistant to strong acid (hydrochloric acid, mixed acid etc.);

4. Good effect of mixing and separation

Various hybrid structures could be chosen, good separation effect, adapt to easily emulsified system;

5. Easy to change heavy phase weir

When changed liquid system, heavy phase weir could be replaced quickly, simple and easy operation;

6. Low liquid residual

Equipment with small valid volume;

7. High automation

It could realize timely monitoring on line, optional on-line cleaning system for GMP standard, and adapt to both intermittent and continuous running completely.

Application fields:
1.Pharmaceutical Industry (Raw material of medicine, medical intermediate)

For example:

Raw material of medicine, reaction liquid of medical intermediate or solvent continuous extraction and washing; Organic phase and aqueous phase continuous separation; Natural medicine extraction(Such as artemisinin, caulis sinomenii, bilobalide and so on);

Antibiotics (Such as penicillin, lincomycin, gibberellin and so on);

Vitamin extraction (Such as pantolactone and so on).

2.Fine Chemicals/Petrochemical Industry

For example:

Chemical intermediate, raw liquid of pesticide and other reaction liquid and solvent continuous extraction and washing and so on,

Organic phase and aqueous phase continuous separation;

Lube oil purification and extraction, Diesel oil purification and extraction.

3.Food Fermentation Industry

For example:

Lactic acid fermentation broth extraction, Citric acid fermentation broth extraction, Natural plant pigment extraction (Such as chlorophyll) and so on.

4. Hydrometallurgy Industry

Chemical metal element extraction and separation (Such as Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Rubidium, Cesium, Manganese and so on);

Rare earth element separation and extraction;

Lithium and Boron extraction from Brine

5.Wastewater Treatment

For example:

Phenolic wastewater treatment, Printing and dying wastewater treatment(Such as H acid, K acid and so on), DMF wastewater treatment, Hight concentration chemical organic wastewater treatment, Naphthalene sulfonic acid wastewater treatment and so on.

6. Oil And Water Separation ( Both Include remove oil from water and remove water from oil).

Technical information:
Model Diameter of drum(MM) Mixing flux(L/H) Applicable rotating speed(R/min) Motor power(KW) Power supply(V) Flow ratio range of two phases Pipe diameter of inlet/outlet Unit weight(KG) Unit dimension L*W*H(MM)
CWL25-M 25 ≤10 7000 0.09 220 1/30~30/1 Ø10 ~5.5 230*230**800
CWL50-M 50 ≤50 2072~2799 0.18 220 1/30~30/1 DN20 ~32 400*370*900
CWL150-M 150 ≤1000 2272~2840 1.5 380 1/30~30/1 DN40 ~220 620*630*1250
CWL250-M 250 ≤3000 1184~1480 1.5 380 1/30~30/1 DN50 ~240/320 750*750*1400
CWL350-M 350 ≤8000 1015~1308 2.2 380 1/30~30/1 DN80 ~410/520 950*950*1600
CWL450-M 450 ≤15000 642~800 4 380 1/30~30/1 DN100 ~820/860 1070*1070*1800
CWL550-M 550 ≤30000 560~700 4 380 1/30~30/1 DN100 ~1320 1200*1200*1760
CWL650-M 650 ≤60000 464~580 4/5.5 380 1/30~30/1 DN150 ~2000 1380*1380*2250
CWL900-M 900 ≤120000 336~420 7.5 380 1/30~30/1 DN200 ~2500 1690*1690*2480


1.The actual weight depend on the material

2. Materials mainly have polymer composites, fluoride material, SS304, SS316L etc.

3. Mixing flux in the above table is the maximum theoretical flux of the equipment.

4. The actual handling capacity is closely related with the liquid carrier system (such as the density, viscosity, degree of emulsification), mass transfer efficiency, separation effect and so on.

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