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Phosphoric acid mixer settler
Liquid-liquid extraction or solvent extraction is a separation process which is based on different distribution of the components to be separated between two liquid phases.
Working principle
Mixer Settler Introduction

Mixed-settler extractor or called extraction tank,it is a widely used extraction achieves separation of the two phases by gravity, and compose by emulsion chamber and setting chamber. Heavy phase and light phase liquid enter the mixing zone,completed mixing by the agitator stirring, separated by gravity and complete separation process.
CWX series mixed-settler extractor(patent:ZL2014304918742) are researched and developed by our company,this machine make up the shortcomings such as easing corrosion,bad appearance.CWX series mixed-settler extractor are made up by overall molding, and have advantages as below.
Characteristic Of Mixer Settler:
1.Injection molding, No bonding or welding gap, no leakage risk;
2.Neat structure, beautiful shape
3.Short production cycle;
4.Split and combination freely, adjust test stage easily;
5.Materials can be choose transparent organic glass, translucent PP, PVDF ect.
6.Digital speed control motor can adjust speed timely;
7.Each stage has sampling hole, convenient to take sample and test;
8.Feed pump can be choose to control water and other liquid quantity。
Application fields:
Industrial mixer settlers are commonly used in the copper extraction, nickel extraction, uranium extraction, rare earth element separation, and cobalt extraction and so many metal extraction by hydrometallurgy technology, when solvent extraction processes are applied.

In the multiple countercurrent process, multiple mixer settlers are installed with mixing and settling chambers located at alternating ends for each stage (since the outlet of the settling sections feed the inlets of the adjacent stage’s mixing sections). Mixer-settlers are used when a process requires longer residence times and when the solutions are easily separated by gravity. They require a large facility footprint, but do not require much headspace, and need limited remote maintenance capability for occasional replacement of mixing motors.

The equipment units can be arrayed as:

1.extraction (moving an ion of interest from an aqueous phase to an organic phase),

2.washing (rinsing entrained aqueous contaminant out of an organic phase containing the ion of interest), and

3.stripping (moving an ion of interest from an organic phase into an aqueous phase). 

Solvent extraction of phosphoric acid is usually carried out with organic solvents, such as butyl and isoamyl alcohol and tributyl phosphorate (TBP), Extraction, scrubbing and stripping of phosphoric acid. Using the organic phase of TBP/DIPE in kerosene, enabled us to achieve 80% and more than 90% extraction yield of H3PO4 from Syrian wet phosphoric acid (raffinate) in four and five counter current extraction stages, respectively, three counter-current crubbing stages and four stripping counter-current stages, were sufficient to produce pure food grade phosphoric acid. Sulfur and fluoride contents can be eliminated by steam stripping technique during the acid concentration.
Technical information:


Single stage Size (L*W*H) mm

Capacity (L/h)

Motor Power(W)





















1. These technical information are experimental parameter for your reference, industry type was designed according to customer requirements.
2. Material can choose transparent organic glass, PP, PTFE etc.

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