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Lithium Extraction From Spent Ternary Lithium Battery
According to the calculation, market of recovery cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium and iron and aluminum and more other metal from waste power lithium battery will be blooming start in 2018, forecast 5.2billion, and 13.6billion in 2020.
Working principle

Lithium battery energy storage is the main form of electric chemical energy storage.
According to the calculation, market of recovery cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium and iron and aluminum and more other metal from waste power lithium battery will be blooming start in 2018, forecast 5.2billion, and 13.6billion in 2020, more than 30billion in 2023.
Healthy and sustainable development of lithium battery——the new chance in resource recycling industry.

The biggest source of battery raw material in the future will be no longer mine, but battery recycling enterprise.

Lithium battery recycling technology, centrifugal extraction will be recommended.
Ternary material extraction technology

Extraction Technology

Extraction result

Pros and cons

HCl system

Approach 100%

Very high extraction rate, and

generate Cl2

Concentrated sulfuric acid system

Under Hcl system slightly

Asked high acidity, more chemical reagent consumption

Sulfuric acid-hydrogen peroxide


Approach to Hcl system

Lower acidity, and can not generate


Low concentrated sulfuric


Under Hcl system

It must be under low concentration and stirring condition, and get good effect

Nitric acid-hydrogen peroxide


Approach to Hcl system

The price of nitric acid is higher than sulfuric acid, so it is high cost

1.Organic acid, extraction rate>90%; no Cl2,waster liquid circulate; high cost, complex separation.
2.Bioleaching, high efficiency, small reagent consumption; waste liquid circulate easily; slow dynamics.

We mainly introduced HCl extraction here
1.Technology of metal recovery from waste lithium battery with HCl Extraction System.

2.HCl system recycling and separation principle: Theory of Hydrochloric acid leach anode material powder:
10LiNi0.4Co0.2Mn0.4O2(s) + 40HCl(aq) = 10LiCl(aq) + 4NiCl2(aq) + 2CoCl2(aq) + 4MnCl2(aq) + 5Cl2(g) + 20H2O(aq)
Restrained chlorine theory: CO(NH2)2(aq) +3Cl2(g)+H2O(aq) =N2(g) +CO2(g) +6HCl(aq)

Extraction and separation theory:
Cl- selectivity coordination. When Cl- mass concentration reaches a certain point, Co(II) exist as CoCl4- form, and Ni2+ still exists in the form of hydrated cation (Ni (H2O)62 +).The separation of nickel can be achieved by the application of amine extraction agent. And The separation of cobalt and manganese by adjusting extraction environment. 
Customization or not: Yes
If supply small test or pilot-plant test: Yes
Characteristic of technology:
Characteristic of technology:
High chlorine system mother liquor realize closed cycle, don’t produce waste water;
High chlorine increase extraction rate, lower acid-base consumption;
High chlorine system with acid extraction environment, simplify separation, and lower acid-base consumption and cost;
High chlorine and the low valence&strong organic reducing agent inhibit chlorine generation together.
Extractor advantages:
  Separation effect is obvious and large handling capacity;

●  Two phase materials contact with short time, and save extraction agent consumption and save cost;

●  High mass transfer rate, high stage efficiency, convenient start and stop, it can not break balance when stopped.

●  Cover small area, the cost of comprehensive investment is low.

●  Well-adapted, good flexibility, with intermittent operation, or single operation, or continuous counter current operation, and there is no need to add interstage pump.
Centrifugal Extractor Specification:
Advantage and contrast comparison of HCl recovery system and Sulfuric acid recovery system

Recovery system



HCl system

(New technology)

Closed cycle, no waste water discharge

NH4Cl by product, easy to sell

Under acid system condition to extract Co and Mn, lower neutralization-alkali consumption, easy to separate

Restrain Cl2 generation

Could get many kinds of metal products

Extraction agent cost is higher than H2SO4 System( extraction agent could be used cycling, fixed assets)


Higher request to anti-corrosion equipment.


H2SO4 System

(Traditional technology)

There is no toxic waste gas to produce at extraction stage;

Metal sulfate which got from extraction easy to electrolysis directly;

Technology maturity

Extraction process need high valence alkali, high cost;

High energy consumption in evaporation process to treat waste water, by product sodium sulfate hard to manage.

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