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Rare earth metal recovery
Rare earth elements(REE)include 15 of lanthanum series, as well as the nonthanides, yttrium and scandium.
Working principle
Rare earth elements(REE)include 15 of lanthanum series, as well as the nonthanides, yttrium and scandium.
The rare earth elements exist in the form of carbonates, fluorides, phosphates, oxides or silicates in rare earth ore concentrate. Usually, they are poorly soluble in water. After a variety of chemical changes, they are transformed into compounds which are soluble in water or mineral or mineral acid. Then after dissolution, separation, purification, concentration or burning process, they are made into all kinds of mixed rare earth compounds such as mixed rare earth chloride. There rare earth compounds will be the raw materials for products or separation of single rare earth elements.

Extraction technology As the physical can chemical properties of the elements are similar and many impurity elements associated with REE come out along with them, the processes of their extraction are complicated. The solvent extraction method is used to extract the products from an aqueous solution based on non-miscibility by using organic solvents. It is a kind of substance from a liquid transferred to another mass transfer process of the liquid phase.
Based on the solvent extraction technology, our company self-developed CWL-M series of centrifugal extractor, with good mechanical, hydromechanics and mass transfer property, production line which constituted by it operate stably and reliably, it can fully meet the requirements of scale and automatic production in extractive separation industries including hydrometallurgy, it has a broad market.
Rare earth solvent extraction process:
Liquid-liquid centrifugal extractor in rare earth separation:

  In 2016, we cooperated with Beijing general research institute of nonferrous metal, and built a production plant of rare earth concentration by solvent extraction technology. There is no ammonia-nitrogen wastewater and radioactivity residual slag produced in the whole process, it promote the further development of green rare earth development technology vigorously, because it has the flowing advantages:

  1.       To solve the question of ionic rare earth ore leaching and enrichment;

  2.       To solve the question that low utilization of resources recovery in the separation and purification process;

  3.       To solve the difficult technology question that is serious pollution of three waste;


  4.       Reduction operation cost of the equipment and manpower cost;

Characteristic of liquid-liquid centrifugal extractor:

  Separation effect is obvious and large handling capacity;

●  Two phase materials contact with short time, and save extraction agent consumption and save cost;

●  High mass transfer rate, high stage efficiency, convenient start and stop, it can not break balance when stopped.

●  Cover small area, the cost of comprehensive investment is low.

●  Well-adapted, good flexibility, with intermittent operation, or single operation, or continuous counter current operation, and there is no need to add interstage pump.
Model Bowl diameter
Mixture flux(l/h) Pipe diameter
Power(kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
CWL-25-M 25 10 φ10 0.18 270*200*760 10
CWL-50-M 50 50 DN20 0.18 400*400*800 18
CWL-150-M 150 1000 DN40 0.75 620*630*1150 120
CWL-250-M 250 3000 DN50 0.75-2.5 750*750*1400 460
CWL-350-M 350 8000 DN65 1.5-4 950*950*1688 680
CWL-450-M 450 15000 DN80 3-5.5 1000*1000*1800 880
CWL-550-M 550 30000 DN100 4.-7.5 1200*1200*1760 1100
CWL-650-M 650 60000 DN150 4-7.5 1350*1350*1960 1800
CWL-850-M 850 150000 DN200 7.5-15 1500*1500*2100 22

1. Equipment material will be chosen according to the feed physico-chemical property, common used SS304/316L/904L, common composite material, fluoride material and so on;
2. Above table is general parameter, real device has a little difference, please refer to the matched technological manual;
3. Above flux is under ideal condition, ratio of oil and water is their flux sum when 1:1

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