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Production and manufacture

Note: Test effect include with entrainment or not, extraction rate, extraction agent volume and so many indicators, above diagram just brief description.

Equipment Manufacturing
Tianyi Extraction has its own factory, and saves time and cost for customers. In order to strictly control the period, Tianyi will formulate detailed and feasible project schedule in EPC, and project control group strictly supervise the progress of project.

Installation And Commissioning
With the eddy-current disc help, mixture enter in bowl, at the compartment formed by board, the mixture is quickly synchronized with the bowl, under the action of centrifugal force, the larger density liquor moving away from the bowl center to the wall gradually in the upward flow; and the small density liquor doing the opposite, after clarification, two liquids enter into collection chamber with their own weir plate respectively, and drawn out by tigella, to finish the separation process.