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Technical Service

Tianyi Group extraction and application research center equipped with small test and pilot-plant test, there are more than 10people with bachelor and above. Based on rigorous and realistic research attitude and pursuit of truth, we have been done excellent technology support and service for numbers of customers.

We supply the flowing technology service according to customers’ different requirements:

1. Extraction agent choose 2. Centrifugal extractor small test (single stage in free, and charged for multistage counter-current or cross current test). 3. Technology research and improved (charged) 4. Extraction equipment model selection and mating(charged) 5. Extraction project building and adjusting(charged out of warranty period)

Note: For service item which is charged, please call or email us for the details.

We can help customers to confirm the detail technology parameter with the test, such as: the optimum extraction ratio, operation temperature, mixing time, clarification time, single stage extraction rate and so on.