CWL-M serial centrifugal extractors are widely application in various industrial such as Pharmaceutica, Chemical, Food, Hydrometallurgy, Environmental and so on.Recently, many fields have applied them in research and that resulted in a considerable amount of information that may be hard to follow. To keep interested researchers updated, this work presents the state-of-the-art status of those devices.

Liquid-Liquid Centrifugal Extractors

Tiei Extraction design and manufacture of CWL-M serial centrifuges extractors has laboratory scale centrifuges, pilot scale centrifuges and multistage production centrifuges.That is, the different types of centrifugal extractors are first surveyed with emphasis on those available on the market nowadays. Then, their recent applications are covered with exclusion of two fields: oil-water separations and nuclear industry, as the purpose is to accent centrifugal extractors' potential and compatibility with the widest possible range of applications beyond traditional ones. A further section addresses the hydrodynamics of annular centrifugal contactors that form a major subfamily of centrifugal extractors. Those annular variants have received special focus throughout this work.

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