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Separation of products forming azeotropes

Products forming a homogenous azeotrope cannot be separated from each other by a conventional distillation above the azeotropic point. Sometimes this binary azeotropic mixture can be split by adding a specific third component or changing the operating pressure affecting the volatility of one product more than of the other. If this is not feasible a liquid/liquid extraction is the method of choice. Examples of such common mixtures are:

Aqueous systems:
Formic Acid /Water

Organic systems:
Alkylchlorides/Alcohols as Dichloromethane/Ethanol

For example: Toluene and water are two different substances with different physical and chemical properties, so they can be separated by certain methods.

Extraction: Mix toluene and water according to a certain ratio, and add an appropriate amount of extraction agent, such as methylene chloride or carbon tetrachloride. The extraction agent will form an azeotrope with toluene and is immiscible with water, thereby achieving the separation of toluene and water.

Separation: Let the extracted mixture stand for a period of time to allow toluene and water to separate by themselves. Then, the upper layer of toluene and water are extracted separately to achieve the separation of toluene and water.

Distillation: Toluene and water are separated by distillation. Toluene has a lower boiling point while water has a higher boiling point, so toluene can be separated from the water during the distillation process.

It should be noted that toluene and water can form an azeotrope under certain conditions. Therefore, when performing separation, attention should be paid to selecting the appropriate extraction agent and separation method to achieve better separation results.


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