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Dedicated on the Research and Application of Liquid-liquid mixing and separation

Fine Chemical Solvent Extraction

Purification of Antibiotics

Medical/Pesticide Intermediated

Washing polymers

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Fine Chemical Liquid-liquid mixing and separation

Food Industry

Purification 100% Lactic Acid  Separation

Extraction Citric Acid

Fermentation broth Succinic acid

More Solvent Extraction
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Food Industry Liquid-liquid mixing and separation


Separation metals: Cu,Zinc,Cobalt etc.

Purification precious metals

More Solvent Extraction
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Liquid-liquid mixing and separation for Hydrometallurgy


Electroplating Sludge

Phenolic Waster water

Li-ion/NCM battery Extraction/Purification

More Solvent Extraction
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Liquid-liquid mixing and separation for Environmental


Unparalleled Liquid Liquid Extraction Equipment To Create Exceptional Products

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Providing Professional technical solutions and project supporting services

TIEI extraction focuses on the research and application of liquid-liquid extraction, providing customers with professional solutions and engineering supporting services

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Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center

Municipal Academician Workstation

National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize

China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology First Prize

Technology Process R&D, Engineering supporting services

33 Patent Right

36 R&D engineers

780 Sets CWL-M/Annual

900 Largest Flux Model

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