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ModelMixing Flux(L/H)Volume of mixing chamberVolume of settling chamberSingle stage Motor Power(KW)Unit Dimension(mm)

Mixer settler is a kind of liquid/liquid solvent extraction equipment. It is also called extraction tank, it is the earliest solvent extraction equipment used in industry, which is still widely used at the present. A mixer settler consists of two parts, the first part(mixer or mixing chamber) that mixes the light phase and heavy phase together and the second part (settler or settling chamber) that separate the light and heavy phases by gravity naturally. Tiei's mixer settler has its own patent(patent No.: ZL2014304918742). Tiei Extraction's mixer settler has advantages of :

1. no risk of leakage 2. easy operation 3. perfect separation effect 4. customization is available 5. Simple operation

The working principle of mixer settler includes two processes, namely the mixing mass transfer process and the two-phase separation process. The mixing is completed by the rotation of the agitator, and the separation is completed by gravity. Two liquids with different densities enter the mixing chamber from the feed inlet, and the mixing and mass transfer process is completed through the agitating of the agitator. The suction force of the impeller drives the liquid of the mixed phase to rise, and it overflows into the clarification chamber through the overflow baffle of the mixing chamber. The two mixed phases are separated by gravity in the clarification chamber. In the clarification chamber, the height of the two-phase liquid level is controlled by adjusting the height of the heavy phase adjustment tube (with holes on top of the heavy phase adjustment tube), so that the heavy phase flows out of the heavy phase discharge tube, and the light phase flows into the light phase collection chamber from the light phase weir, and then discharged from each outlet. Please see the flow chart as above.

The Working process of mixer-settler: Extraction - Scrubbing - Stripping - Regeneration(perhaps others) .

Laboratory mixer settler is widely used in the research of nickel/cobalt extraction and separation, lithium extraction, second battery black mass powder recycling, rare earth elements extraction and separation, copper extraction etc... It helps many colleages and universities to do liquid/liquid extraction research and application. Our mxier settler has been sold to Finland, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Turkey, Phillipines, Austria etc.. countries.

Industrial customized mixer settlers are available!


  • Chemical continuous extraction technology
  • Dichloroethane extraction
  • BP organic wastewater extraction
  • Hydrometallurgical extraction
  • Hydrometallurgical extraction


    Overall injection modling without bonding, NO leakage risk,Freely to split or connect interstage.

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