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ModelDiameter of Bowl (mm)Applicable rotating speedMax. Mixing Flux(L/H)Pipe diameter of inlet and outlet(mm)Two-phase flow ratio rangeMotor Power(KW)Unit Dimension

Working process of centrifugal extractor

Mixing and Mass transfer process

The light and heavy phase solutions entering into the internal mixing zone of the shell from the two feed inlets respectively, according to a certain ratio, so that let the two phases are rapidly mixed and dispersed, to complete the mixed and mass transfer process.

Separation process

Under the action of the feeder or turbine disc, the mixed liquor enter in bowl, in the cavity zone, it soon rotated with bowl , under the condition of centrifugal force, during the upward flow process, the heavier liquid is away from bowl center and towards to the bowl wall, while the lighter liquid is away from bowl wall and towards to the center, clarified liquids enter in collecting chamber through their respective weirs and discharged from light and heavy phase outlets, to complete the separation process.

The Max. mixing flow of our CWL-M CENTRIFUGAL EXTRACTOR can be 150000Liters per hour. it has been the largest liquid liquid centrifugal extraction machine in the world. It has been successfully used in the industry of battery recycling, lithium extraction, food fermentation etc... The features of our centrifugal extractor:

Simple and stable structure --- top suspension structure, no bearing and mechanical seal at the bottom of equipment, no leakage risk, easy for maintenance and save maintenance cost, long service life.

Energy-saving --- large capacity, more energy saving( comparing if under same capacity condition, the power consumption is 1/3~1/10 to transitional annular type extractor)

Corrosion resistance --- Machine can be produced by PVDF, resistant with corrosion of strong acid(hydrochloric acid, mixed acid etc.)

Convenient cleaning --- optional online cleaning system(CIP cleaning system)

Good effect of mixing and separation --- variable structure could be chosen, good separation effect, adapt to easily emulsified system.

High grade of automation --- The operation is unmanned and the centrifugal extractor is fully capable of adapting to intermittent and continuous operation. It is also equipped with speed sensors, vibration sensors, and temperature sensors, which can constantly monitor the operation status of the equipment and prevent faults in advance.

Good operation environment --- By optimizing the design of the inlet and outlet channels, the extraction system composed of this model of centrifugal extractor does not need to be equipped with separate gas recovery or discharge devices. It can achieve closed operation of the system, with no odor escaping from the extraction line, reducing the volatilization of the extraction agent, and improving the on-site operating environment.

Easy to run and stop --- The centrifuge is fully capable of adapting to intermittent and continuous operation.

Easy to change the heavy phase weir --- when changing the liquid system, heavy phase weir could be quickly replaced, simple and easy operation


  • Chemical continuous washing process
  • Dichloroethane extraction
  • Lithium extraction
  • Battery recycling process


    High extraction efficiency because of thorough mixing ,Compact installation with small footprint.

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