Centrifugal extractor is a new, fast and efficient liquid-liquid extraction and separation equipment. It is fundamentally different in working principle from traditional extraction equipment such as mixer settlers and extraction towers. The centrifugal extractor uses the motor to drive the drum to rotate at high speed. Two liquids with different densities and immiscible liquids are mixed and mass transferred under the action of shear force generated by the rotation of the drum or blades, and are rapidly separated under the action of centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the drum.
Model CWL(150-350)-M centrifugal extractor is middle-sized machine. It is mainly used for industrial production with small capacity or pilot plant. The material can be stainless steel 304/316, PFA, PVDF etc. The mixing flow (organic phase + aqueous phase) is from 50Liters/hour to 8000Liters/Hour.

  • Organic Acid Fermentation
  • Fine Chemical
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Environmental

Working process of centrifugal extractor

Mixing and Mass transfer process

The light and heavy phase solutions entering into the internal mixing zone of the shell from the two feed inlets respectively, according to a certain ratio, so that let the two phases are rapidly mixed and dispersed, to complete the mixed and mass transfer process.

Separation process

Under the action of the feeder or turbine disc, the mixed liquor enter in bowl, in the cavity zone, it soon rotated with bowl , under the condition of centrifugal force, during the upward flow process, the heavier liquid is away from bowl center and towards to the bowl wall, while the lighter liquid is away from bowl wall and towards to the center, clarified liquids enter in collecting chamber through their respective weirs and discharged from light and heavy phase outlets, to complete the separation process.

Characteristics of CWL-M Series Centrifugal Extractor

1.Simply and stable structure
Top-suspension structure, no bearing and mechanical seal at the bottom of equipment, no leakage risk, easy for maintenance and save maintenance cost, long service life.

2.Energy- Saving
Large capacity, more energy -saving (comparing if under same capacity condition, the power consumption is 1/10-1/3 to traditional annular type extractor)

3.Corrosion resistance
Machine produced by perfluoro polymer material, resistant with corrosion of strong acid (Hydrochloric acid, mixed acid etc.)

4.Good effects of mixing and separation
Various hybrid structures could be chosen, good separation effect, adapt to easily emulsified system.

5.Easy to change heavy phase weir
When changing liquid system, heavy phase weir could be quickly replaced, simple and easy operation.

6.Low liquid residual
Machine with small valid volume

7.Highly automated program
Realize timely monitoring on-line, optional on-line cleaning system of GMP standard, completely adapt to intermittent and continuous running.


ModelDiameter of Bowl (mm)Applicable rotating speedMax. Mixing Flux(L/H)Pipe diameter of inlet and outlet(mm)Two-phase flow ratio rangeMotor Power(KW)Unit Dimension

Usually, you would have multiple centrifugal extractors in series for extraction, scrubbing/washing and stripping(and perhaps others). The number of stages needed in each section of the process would depend on the process design requirements(necessary extraction factor).

Diagram of the extraction process

  • Chemical continuous extraction technology
  • Dichloroethane extraction
  • BP organic wastewater extraction
  • Hydrometallurgical extraction
  • Hydrometallurgical extraction

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