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Tiei providing

  • Process R&D for particular industrial
  • Laboratory and Pilot Plant to get operating data
  • Design, Manufacture and Implement project for industrial plants
  • Liquid / liquid centrifugal extractors from laboratory to industrial production scale


Organic acid purification and extraction
L-lactic acid fermentation broth extraction
Centrifugal extractor extracts citric acid

Centrifugal Extraction Equipment


  • Organic Acid Purification Process
  • Lactic Acid Extraction Process
  • Citric Acid Extraction Process

Liquid-liquid extraction for neutral compounds, acidic compounds, basic compounds


Supporting One-stop service:

Project communication, planning, scheme design, equipment manufacturing ,process operating, and construction management, training and project after-sales service.


All Cases

Tiei extraction recommend  LABORATORY EXTRACTION EQUIPMENT, to help you understand the extraction equipment, to verify technolgoy process and equipment characteristics.

Also you can view relevant CUSTOMER CASES, EXTRACTION EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS and RESEARCH TRENDS and browse all extraction equipment.

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