Lactic Acid Annual output 20,000 tons Production line

Construction unit: A metal material company in Henan

Production time: 2018

Main machine selection: CWL650-MCentrifugal Extractor

Mixed flux: 6m³/h

Project Overview

L-lactic acid polymer polylactic acid is the most promising biodegradable biomaterial. It will replace polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, eliminate the pollution of "white plastics" to nature and deal with the problems caused by the reduction of oil and other resources.

Customer began to actively prepare for the construction of L-lactic acid production line. With straw as the main raw material, the main production processes of hydrolysis, enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation are adopted. It is planned to produce 20,000 tons of straw sugar and L-lactic acid annually.

Technology Process Introduction

Tiei uses solvent extraction method instead of the original ion exchange method to extract lactic acid from corn fermentation broth.

Project Following

Within a short time, Tiei completed a small-scale lab test for customers, and configured a number of CWL-M centrifugal extractors as equipment for the large-scale lactic acid extraction section with an annual output of 20000 tons.

In July 2017, all CWL-M centrifugal extractors were successfully delivered, and completed the installation at customer production site.

Customer Evaluation

Much appreciated the cooperation.


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