Nickel Cobalt Leaching Solution Extraction and Separation Project

Construction unit: A metal material company in Anhui

Production time: 2019

Main machine selection: CWL50-M centrifugal extractor

Mixed flux: 45L/H

Project Overview

Because the chemical properties of nickel and cobalt are very similar, they often coexist and associate with each other in the deposit. Therefore, nickel is often found in various cobalt containing waste slag, such as nickel smelting slag, copper smelting slag containing cobalt, and nickel refining slag containing cobalt.

Cobalt and nickel are also contained in various special alloy materials, battery materials and catalysts. Therefore, the separation of nickel and cobalt is important in the recovery of cobalt.

The separation methods of nickel and cobalt mainly is chemical precipitation and solvent extraction.

Solvent extraction technology has become the main method for separation of nickel and cobalt because its advantages of high selectivity, high direct yield, simple process, continuous operation and easy automation.

Customer of this company ,the leaching solution of a metal material mainly contains cobalt, in addition to nickel, iron, copper, manganese, cadmium and other impurities

Technology Process Introduction and Following

Operated by Tiei CWL50-M centrifugal extractor to extract and separate impurities of cobalt and nickel , preparing high-purity cobalt sulfate solution, with an extraction rate of 99%.


After washing and re-extraction , 100g / L cobalt sulfate solution can be obtained in the the extraction phase, which each impurity is less than 5ppm, can be meet the preparation requirements of battery grade cobalt sulfate

Customer Evaluation

We feel professional technical of Tiei team with excellent service. We hope Tiei will become better and better.


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