Trialkylacetic acid / Tertiary carbonate Continuous Separation Water washing project

Construction unit: A metal material company in Hebei

Production time: 2015

Main machine selection: 3sets CWL450-M Centrifugal Extractor

Mixed flux: 12m³/h

Project Overview

Tertiary carbonic acid, also known as new acid or trialkylacetic acid, is a kind of branched monounsaturated carboxylic acid and an important branch of industrial fatty acids. Tertiary carbonates have excellent hydrolysis resistance, in addition to high heat resistance, weather resistance, color change resistance and other properties. Therefore, it is widely used in medicine, coatings, pesticides and many other fields.

A chemical plant in Henan Province uses low-pressure carbonyl method to synthesize tertiary carbonic acid. The reaction conditions are mild and the reaction yield is high. However, the separation of catalyst and product is difficult, the consumption of sulfuric acid is large and the pollution is serious. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the production process of tertiary carbonic acid.

After investigation, this chemical plant finally cooperated with Tiei to adopt CWL-M centrifugal extraction equipment to realize the effective separation of catalyst and product, and better optimize the product washing and other process sections.

Technology Process Introduction

  1. Project has Two sections: separation and water washing section.
  2. The process is not limited to three-stage separation and water washing, and the extraction stages can be increased according to the actual situation;
  3. The process is applicable to the separation of organic matter immiscible with water;
  4. 3 setsCWL450-M centrifugal extractors
  5. The process relies on centrifugal force for separation (hundreds to tens of thousands of times of gravity under the same conditions), with high separation efficiency;
  6. The equipment covers a small area and has low power consumption, which can realize the continuous production of tertiary carbonic acid;

Project Following

Since its operation for 2015, CWL450-M centrifugal extractor has been working very stable.

After using Tiei CWL450-M centrifugal extractor, the problems of environmental pollution, large consumption and difficult separation in the original process have been effectively improved. The separation effect of Tertiary carbonate and extractant has also been greatly improved, which been satisfied with customer.

Customer Evaluation

Tiei centrifugal extractor can effectively solve the problem of poor two-phase separation caused by the particularity of materials.

After centrifugal extractor was operated, the extraction effect exceeded the expectation, which surprised us. We look forward to the follow-up cooperation with Tiei in the future.


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