Reactor technical improvement project of Xylene and Hydrochloric acid separation

Construction unit: A metal material company in Jiangsu

Production time: 2018

Main machine selection: CWL250-M Centrifugal Extractor Polymer Composite

Mixed flux: 3m³/h

Project Overview

In the reaction process of producing * * *products, the hydrogen chloride gas which is absorbed by water to generate hydrochloric acid solution. In this process, part of xylene vapor escapes, thereby obtaining a mixed solution of xylene and hydrochloric acid.

This company requested to separate xylene and hydrochloric acid. That time, the equipment used reaction kettle, which is inevitably entrained due to human operation during the separation process. In addition, the process of the reaction kettle using the principle of gravity separation is slowly, the separation efficiency is low and the separation is not complete, therefor in the separation of xylene in the hydrochloric acid solution.

Technology Process Introduction

The project material are composed of xylene and hydrochloric acid mixed solution (xylene content 20% – 30%), and the maximum amount of xylene and hydrochloric acid mixed solution is 14-15m3 / d.

CWL250-M centrifugal extractor applied in this project, which can rapidly separate xylene and hydrochloric acid solution based on the density difference by centrifugal force (super gravity)

When CWL250-M start working, the mixed liquid is pumped into the centrifugal extractor at a certain flow rate. The mixed liquid enters the drum under the action of the feeder and rotates synchronously with the drum. By virtue of the weight difference between the two phases, hydrochloric acid and xylene are rapidly separated under the action of high gravity (about 270 times of gravity acceleration), and enters the respective collection chambers through the light and light phase weir plates. Finally, the light phase (xylene) The heavy phase (hydrochloric acid) flows out of the equipment through respective outlets.

Project Following

After separation by centrifugal extraction process equipment, the xylene content in hydrochloric acid is less than 1%. Compared with the reaction kettle used before, the entrainment phenomenon is greatly reduced.

CWL250-M centrifugal extractor has very low energy consumption, only 1.5KW.

Customer Evaluation

The centrifugal extractor provided by Zhengzhou Tianyi Extraction Technology Co., Ltd. can rapidly and continuously separate xylene and hydrochloric acid solution. The equipment performance is very good, and we are very satisfied!


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