DMF Extraction and Washing Section of Pharmaceutical Factory

Construction unit: A pharmaceutical factory

Production time: 2018

Main machine selection: CWL450-M Centrifugal Extractor

Mixed flux: 15m³/h

Project Overview

This article mainly introduces the application of CWL450-M centrifugal extractor in the DMF extraction and washing section and recovery section to help customers solve problems, which is remove DMF and inorganic salts from the aqueous feed.

Background of the Project

In the production process of pharmaceutical intermediates, after the synthesis reaction of dichloromethane extraction and separation, the pharmaceutical factory found that the dichloromethane product aqueous feed contained DMF and a small amount of salt impurities. The pharmaceutical factory expressed its demands for our TIEI extraction, that is, the first step is to remove DMF from the aqueous feed; the second step is to remove the inorganic salts from the aqueous feed.

Process Introduction

Based on the needs of the pharmaceutical factory, the process plan designed by TIEI Extraction mainly includes the washing section and the recycling section.

Washing section

Water-soluble impurities such as DMF and inorganic salts in the aqueous feed are extracted and washed in the washing section (CWL450-M two-stage countercurrent flow). The DMF and water-soluble impurities in aqueous feed are transferred to the water phase, ultimately achieving the purpose of purifying the aqueous feed. The aqueous feed and washing water are accurately measured through the pump flow meter, thereby controlling the ratio and flow rate of the feed to achieve the best washing effect.

Recycling Section

Since the washing water passes through the two-stage countercurrent section, it not only removes water-soluble impurities, but also takes away some products (phenomenon: the effluent from the washing section is slightly turbid). Therefore, TIEI Extraction engineers used methylene chloride in the recovery section to extract and recover the “water phase of the entrained product” in the washing section, achieving product recovery.

Final Washing Section

The “qualified raw liquid” and the “dichloromethane load” of the recovery section are combined and entered into the next treatment section.

Operation Trace

First of all, the motor power of the CWL450-M centrifugal extractor is 3.0KW, compared with the traditional 450 centrifugal machine motor power of 15KW. On the premise of ensuring the extraction rate and separation effect, the power consumption of the CWL450-M centrifugal extractor is about 1/5 of the traditional model, which has been praised by customers.

Secondly, this project belongs to the acidic system containing chloride ions, which has high requirements on equipment materials. After two years of operation tracking, the CWL450-M centrifugal extractor has zero corrosion, deformation, and leakage problems.

Customer Reviews

TIEI Extraction’s technology is very professional and its equipment is very advanced, which has helped our company solve the problem very well. This cooperation is just the beginning, we have other projects and we will continue to cooperate!

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