High COD Organic Waste Project

Construction unit: A metal material company in Zhejiang

Production time: 2017

Main machine selection: 3setsCWL350-M Centrifugal Extractor

Mixed flux: 5m³/h

Project Overview

The acidification mother liquor of the customer's production section contains a large amount of organic matter, resulting in a high COD in the discharged wastewater, which places a great burden on the biochemical treatment of the later stage.

Technology Process Introduction

Tiei designed a high concentration organic wastewater project for this high concentration organic wastewater project:

Extraction process—-stripping process—- Regeneration process, three-stage countercurrent extraction, extraction ratio (O / a): 1.5:1.


First, the organic components in the wastewater are extracted with Solvent ,

After the extraction is completed, the organic phase is loaded and the alkali solution is used for back extraction to transfer the extracted organic matter to the alkali solution,

Finally, the solvent was regenerated to realize the recycling of solvent.


Tiei CWL350-M centrifugal extractor can be operated continuous extraction, re-extraction and regeneration.

Customer Evaluation

Our wastewater was treated by centrifugal extraction, and the results showed that the effect was very effective.


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