The annual Mid Autumn Festival is coming again, and the well prepared benefits for employees of TIEI Extraction Company are also coming as promised.

On the afternoon of September 7, the gifts for the Mid Autumn Festival were placed in the administrative office in an orderly manner. The colleagues from the administrative department informed the TIEI family to go to pick up the gifts in an orderly manner and record the happy smile on their faces.

The Mid Autumn Festival benefits this time are still diverse and beautiful, all revealing the company's concern and attention to employees. The delicious moon cakes, rich Shuanghui brine and Dukang wine are essential dishes for the Mid Autumn Festival party. The company's meticulous care for employees is the happiest expression of Tianyi family.

A day to send blessings, warm Mid Autumn Festival! This is not a simple sentence, but the deep feelings of TIEI employees over the years. When everyone receives gifts in an orderly manner, they talk and smile, and warmth surrounds everyone. The real happiness is the smile that naturally shows.