Ethylene Dichloride Mother Liquor Extraction Project

Construction unit: A chemical company in Shandong

Production time: 2020

Main machine selection: CWL450-M Centrifugal Extractor

Mixed flux: 6.4-8m³/h

Project Overview

Our Shandong customer is a company that produces chemical products. In the extraction production section, they used reactors before. In order to further optimize the production process and improve production efficiency, they adopted Tiei extraction centrifugal extraction equipment to upgrade the extraction process.

Technology Process Introduction

1. After hot water stripping of ethylene dichloride mother liquor (containing imidazolidin, acetamiprid), effective stripping of imidazolidin can be achieved, achieving the effect of separation and purification of ethylene dichloride mother liquor, and achieving imidazolidin index in ethylene dichloride mother liquor <2%.
2. After distillation operation, the solvent can be recovered and imidazolidin product can be produced at the same time.
3. Fresh ethylene dichloride is used to extract the backwater, and the imidazolidin in the backwater is further extracted to obtain pure imidazolidin liquid (imidazolidin <1%)
4. The imidazolidin product is obtained after centrifugal crystallization, and the aqueous phase can be returned to the stripping process for use after distillation.

Process Advantages

1. Significantly reduce wastewater output, at least 30% compared with the extraction tower process.
2. Effectively realize continuous production operation, improve production capacity, and reduce personnel operating pressure.
3. The overall equipment is small in size, easy to achieve temperature control and insulation, and greatly reduce energy consumption.
4. The various parameters of the equipment and supporting facilities can be flexibly adjusted to achieve precise control of indicators and ensure product quality.

Customer Evaluation

Tiei Centrifugal Extractor was used to achieve continuous extraction. Compared with the reaction kettle used before, the entrainment phenomenon is reduced, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

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