Continuous Production Of 3-aminopyridine Mother Liquor Extraction

Construction unit: A pharmaceutical company in Jiangxi

Production time: 2019

Main machine selection: CWL550-M Centrifugal Extractor

Mixed flux: 15m³/h

Project Overview

A pharmaceutical company in Jiangxi Province uses Tiei centrifugal extractor to optimize the production process, reduce entrainment in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, and recycle chloroform, and achieve continuous extraction.

Technology Process Introduction

1. The 3-aminopyridine mother liquor is contacted with the extraction solvent chloroform for countercurrent extraction, and 3-aminopyridine is transferred to the chloroform phase.
2. 30% hydrochloric acid is used for back extraction to obtain the products pyridine hydrochloride and chloroform.
3. The chloroform is washed to elute the trace acid solution that is mutually soluble in the stripping process, and the chloroform can be returned to the extraction section for use.

Process Advantages

1. Countercurrent contact between the extraction solvent and the mother liquor, the use of solvent can be reduced while achieving a higher extraction efficiency (more than 99%) and ensuring a high product concentration in the load.
2. Effectively realize the extraction-stripping-washing-continuous production operation, improve production capacity, and reduce the operating pressure of personnel.
3. The overall equipment occupies a small area, and the equipment position can be flexibly adjusted according to the on-site working conditions. The on-site equipment is overall neat and beautiful, which is convenient for visual management.

Customer Evaluation

Tiei Extraction’s technology is very professional and its equipment is very advanced. It has helped our company solve the problem very well and we are very satisfied!

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