Pesticide Acetochlor Continuous Extraction Production project

Construction unit: A metal material company in Henan

Production time: 2015

Main machine selection: 3sets CWL350-M Centrifugal Extractor

Mixed flux: 45L/H

Project Overview

Acetochlor belongs to amide herbicide and has excellent herbicidal function. It is mainly applicable to soybean, potato, sugarcane, peanut, corn, cotton and other crops.

The post-treatment of acetochlor reaction solution usually needs to go through acid washing, alkali washing and water washing processes to reach the qualified process indicators.

The original acetochlor reaction solution of this customer is operated in a traditional reaction kettle. After the reaction solution and washing water are evenly stirred in the kettle, they are naturally layered by gravity. The problems of this method are easy emulsification, long standing time and cumbersome operation.

Technology Process Introduction

Tiei Extraction has designed the reactor technology transformation scheme process :

  1. The process is not limited to four-stage acid washing, alkali washing and water washing, and the number of counter current washing stages can be increased according to the actual situation;
  2. The process is suitable for separating water immiscible organic mixtures such as acetochlor and alachlor;

Project Following

The customer uses Tiei extraction high-efficiency and energy-saving centrifugal extraction equipment, which solves the problems of the original equipment, realizes the rapid separation of two phases, greatly shortens the process time, and overcomes the emulsification problem. At the same time, it also operation continuous production and improves the work efficiency.

Customer Evaluation

Through cooperation ,we were deeply impressed by the service of Zhengzhou Tiei extraction company, which was professional, meticulous and considerate, saving us a lot of energy. At present, the equipment has been running stably, and we are looking forward to the next cooperation.


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