Lithium Extraction project from the salt lake/salar brine

Construction unit: A Lithium Enterprise in Qinghai

Production time: 2021

Main machine selection: CWL650-M

Mixed flux: 45m3/h

Project Overview

Salt lake distribution: China( Qinghai,Tibet), oversea(Bolivia , Chile, Argentina)

In China, lithium extraction from old brine, single recovery rate is low(<50%),Difficult to expand production capacity. The extraction of lithium from natural brine is greatly limited by Li concentration and technology.

In oversea: Bolivia , Chile, Argentina are known as the "Lithium Triangle". They account for 50%+ of global salt lake lithium resources. But huge amount of fresh water consumption, Long construction cycle, low quality of final product(Li2CO3 etc) make people upset.

So direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology is expected to break the technical bottleneck of lithium resource utilization in salar/salt lakes. Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction Extraction has launched a centrifugal extraction process equipment that combines the advanced equipment of the CWL-M series new centrifugal extraction machine with the DLE technology to solve the problem. At the same time, lithium extraction rate can be more than 98%.

Lithium extraction process

Solvent extraction(SX), means that transferring one or more solutes(Li, B etc.) contained in a feed solution(brine) to another immiscible liquid(solvent). The solvent that is enriched with solutes(Li, B, etc.) is then called extracts and feed solution that is depleted in solutes is called raffinate.

Process can be : Extraction → Scrubbing → Stripping → Regeneration

Description of our DLE process

1. Pretreatment: Remove particulate solids such as sediment and salt crystals, divalent ions, certain organic compounds, and a small amount of calcium and magnesium ions from the natural brine through filtration.

2. Lithium extraction: The pre-treated brine enters the lithium extraction section, undergoes extraction, washing, and stripping to obtain a lithium containing solution. The other solutions are then returned to the extraction section for extraction and recycling used.

3.Precipitation: React saturated solution with lithium solution after stripping, wash and dry to obtain the final product, and thengo to the packaging plant.


High direct extraction rate: Adopting efficient and novel extractants to efficiently separate and extract lithium from brine, the lithium extraction rate can reach 98%+. the lithium/sodium potassium separation coefficient is high, and the selectivity is good.

Short technical process: Adopting the DLE technology, the process is simple, easy to operate, with fewer equipment, less footprint, less extractant investment, fast construction, low investment, and easy to scale up.

Low cost: The process flow is relatively short, the less equipment is used, and the investment cost of this project is relatively low. avoid high energy consumption of MVR and high electricity consumption of electrodialysis processes, resulting in low production costs.

High resources utilization rate: Excepting lithium extraction, user also can extract some other elements from brine , such as boron, potassium, and magnesium according to market changes, achieving comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources

Customer's feedback

The Tianyi lithium extraction process system equipment runs stably and has a good application effect. Our cooperation is very pleasant!

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