High purity manganese sulfate is mainly used as a precursor for the positive electrode ternary or binary materials of nickel-cobalt-manganese-oxide lithium batteries and the production of high-purity manganese oxide. It has very high requirements for the purity of manganese sulfate, especially the content of harmful impurities such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium must be controlled to be less than 5.0×10-5.

So, how can we prepare battery-grade high-purity manganese sulfate that meets the requirements? The removal of calcium and magnesium has always been a major problem in the production of high-purity manganese sulfate. The methods for removing calcium and magnesium from manganese sulfate mainly include crystallization, electrolysis, chemical precipitation and extraction. Compared with other methods, the extraction method has a short process, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and has become the mainstream in the production of high-purity manganese sulfate.

As a world-renowned liquid-liquid extraction technology and equipment service provider, Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction launched the CWL-M centrifugal extraction system, which has achieved good application results in the field of high-purity manganese sulfate extraction. According to the specific process section, different numbers of CWL-M series centrifugal extractors are used to form different levels of extraction-washing-stripping units, raffinate manganese extraction-oil removal units, and extractant acid washing units. The CWL-M series centrifugal extractors have a compact structure and flexible equipment layout and installation. Each process material can quickly establish phase equilibrium in the extractor, greatly shortening the test time; and the internal volume of the machine is small, which reduces the consumption of extractants and materials and saves investment costs.

High Purity Manganese Sulfate Extraction Process

  1. Extraction-washing-stripping unit: The extractant enters the extraction section from the first light phase inlet, and the manganese material enters from the last heavy phase inlet of the extraction section. After the manganese in the manganese material enters the saponified extractant in the extraction section, it contacts the washing liquid in the washing section in countercurrent, and enters the stripping section after washing away the impurities of calcium and magnesium ions. After stripping, it enters the water phase to obtain a high-purity manganese sulfate product.
  2. Raffinate manganese extraction and oil removal unit: The manganese material contacts the extractant in countercurrent in the extraction section to generate raffinate, which enters the raffinate manganese extraction centrifugal extractor and contacts the saponified extractant in the second pipeline in countercurrent. The manganese in the raffinate enters the saponified extractant to generate loaded organic and residual products. The loaded organic enters the stripping section, and the stripping agent enters from the last heavy phase inlet of the stripping section and contacts the loaded organic in countercurrent to obtain a high-purity manganese sulfate product.
  3. Extractant acid cleaning unit: The extractant acid cleaning unit mainly includes the acid cleaning centrifugal extractor. The stripped extractant from the stripping section enters from the first light phase inlet of the centrifugal extractor, and the acid cleaning liquid is passed into the last heavy phase inlet of the acid cleaning centrifugal extractor through a feed pump. The two phases are in countercurrent contact, and the obtained no-load extractant is recycled.

Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction CWL-M centrifugal extraction system can convert more manganese in manganese materials into high-purity manganese sulfate products, so that the manganese in the manganese materials can be fully utilized, achieve deep purification of manganese, and obtain high-purity manganese sulfate products that meet battery grade.

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