Extraction Separation Equipment
Extraction Separation Equipment

Centrifugal extractor is a fast and efficient extraction equipment. It has higher performance in material mixing and separation compared to tranditional equipment. Tranditional equipment is not easy to mix liquids with large differences in specific gravity or viscosity between two phases, while centrifugal extractors have a powerful mixing function, which can fully mix the two-phase flow and make it easy for reactions or mass transfer between the two-phase flows. Compared to systems with smaller weight differences or higher viscosity, it is also easy to separate. This is because the separation of centrifugal extractors relies on centrifugal force that is hundreds of times greater than gravity.

The advantages of TIEI Extraction's centrifugal extractor

  1. Compact structure, small footprint.
  2. No bottom bearing and seal, no leackage risk, easy for maintenance.
  3. Various mixing structures are available
  4. centrifugal force provides efficient mass transfer and phase separation.
  5. Rapid operational equilibrium
  6. Well adapted to batch and continuous operation
  7. No need interstage pumps
  8. Easy to run and stop, not breaking the equilibrium after stopping
  9. The heavy phase weir is easy to change when change the liquids system
  10. The power consumption is only 1/10-1/3 of tranditional extractors.
  11. Our centrifugal extractor can achieve unattended operation
  12. Equipped with CIP washing system (optional)
  13. online real-time monitoring
  14. Low liquid holdup & short retention time
  15. Save solvent using amount
  16. No volatilization in fully closed operation system.

Tiei Extraction has different capacity of centrifugal extractor from 10L/H to 150000L/H.

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