Small Centrifugal Extractor for Testing is the Guarantee for Stable Industrial Operation--CWL-50M Type Is Recommended

Centrifugal extractor as an innovative liquid-liquid extraction equipment, is widely used in extraction and separation operations in chemical industry, hydrometallurgy, fine chemicals, petroleum and many other fields. It is usually divided into two categories: small centrifugal extractor for testing and industrial continuous centrifugal extractor. Today, we focuses on small centrifugal extractors for testing.

The small centrifugal extractors for testing independently developed and produced by Zhengzhou TIEI Extraction mainly include two models: CWL25-M and CWL50-M. Customers can choose the appropriate equipment model based on the specific processing capacity and material and liquid system. Currently, the CWL50-M experimental centrifugal extractor is popular and is often used in university laboratory research or corporate laboratory experiments. This equipment can not only be operated as a single unit, but can also be used in a group of 3 or 5 units for continuous extraction experiments.

The material of the small centrifugal extractor for testing can be customized, and perfluorinated materials have become the first choice for most customers because of their resistance to strong acid corrosion. In addition, in addition to perfluorinated materials, the centrifugal extraction machine can also be customized with special alloy materials, 304, 316L, ordinary composite materials, fluorine materials, etc. to meet the actual needs of customers.

The small centrifugal extractor for testing is the guarantee for the stable operation of industrial equipment. The CWL-M series centrifugal extractor has a variety of models. In addition to the testing specifications, it also includes small, medium, large, and super large specifications. It can be customized according to the customer's specific processing capacity. But before selection, we must determine the extraction process parameters, such as optimal ratio, operating temperature, mixing time, clarification time, single-stage extraction rate, etc. Or by testing the CWL-M experimental centrifugal extractor to verify the extraction and separation effect of the extraction equipment under optimal operating conditions, this can provide a basis for equipment selection.
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