Purification process of aminolevulinic acid fermentation broth

O-cresol epoxy resin Continuous Extraction Water washing project

Construction unit: A metal material company in Xi’an

Production time: 2016

Main machine selection: 10sets CWL250-M Centrifugal Extractor

Mixed flux: 2.5m³/h

Project Overview

o-cresol epoxy resin is widely used in packaging materials of high-tech and cutting-edge electronic industry, packaging of capacitors, resistors, diodes, triodes, potentiometers, etc. of semiconductor integrated circuits and large-scale integrated circuits. It is a multifunctional glycidyl ether type epoxy resin with excellent thermal stability, mechanical strength, electrical insulation performance, water resistance, chemical resistance and high glass transition temperature.

The original o-cresol epoxy resin product of a chemical plant in Xi'an, which adopts traditional reaction kettle and manual batch operation.

With the increasing demand for high-purity resin in the market, the company decided to optimize the original process and adopt new automatic extraction equipment to realize continuous operation, effectively improving production efficiency and reducing impurity content. 

Technology Process Introduction

According to the requirements of this chemical plant, two sections will be operated designed by Tiei: Extraction and Water Washing.

  1. 10sets CWL250-M Centrifugal Extractor
  2. Obvious advantages of centrifugal extractor for continuous extraction water washing.
  3. small area and large processing capacity;
  4. Smallextractant; and can be recycled, greatly reducing the investment cost;
  5. High extraction efficiency and low comprehensive cost;
  6. Closed circulation extraction system, good operating environment;
  7. Lower power consumption, CWL250-Mper hour is only 1.5KW.

Project Following

10 sets CWL 250-M centrifugal extractor is stably operation at the project site, After multi-stage extraction, the material extraction effect is very good. Moreover, the centrifugal extractor occupies a small area and has good sealing performance, so better improved working condition.

Customer Evaluation

Tiei extraction equipment has good performance and high degree of automation opertaion. In addition, the supporting quality is excellent and the operation is stable. Since the use of Tiei centrifugal extractor, our operating environment has improved a lot, and the efficiency has been greatly improved.


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