Solvent extraction is widely used in hydrometallurgy copper, but traditional copper smelting plant have serious problems of messiness and environmental pollution, which restrict the modern development of the smelting industry. In response to these problems, Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a hydrometallurgy copper intelligent extraction system.

Tiei Extraction hydrometallurgy copper intelligent extraction system can be divided into two types according to different processing scales: total flux 50m³/h and total flux 100m³/h. The whole system is a skid-mounted, integrated, automated standard product.

Tiei Extraction hydrometallurgical copper centrifugal extraction and separation intelligent equipment production line consists of two parts: multiple CWL-M centrifugal extractors and an intelligent extraction control system. Multiple centrifugal extractors are countercurrently connected in series. The system includes the detection unit, control unit, etc., which can basically realize unmanned operation of the flow system.

9 major advantages of the intelligent equipment production line system for centrifugal extraction and separation of hydrometallurgical copper

  1. Compared with box-type tanks, it greatly improves the stirring intensity and shortens the separation time, so it has high mass transfer efficiency, large processing capacity and high production efficiency.
  2. Under the premise of the same production volume, the amount of extraction agent is reduced and the product pressure tank volume is small.
  3. The equipment has a compact structure and a small footprint.
  4. Compared with conventional ones, the water-soluble loss of the extraction agent will be significantly reduced.
  5. The process balance time is short (single-stage balance is about 30 seconds), and the start-up and shutdown have little impact on production.
  6. The production system is fully enclosed, with no loss of diluent volatilization, which greatly reduces consumption and greatly improves the production environment.
  7. The intelligent automatic extraction system has fewer operating procedures, greatly reducing operating costs.
  8. A bypass is added to the two-phase pipeline, and a single machine failure does not affect the normal operation of the entire line.
  9. The centrifugal extraction equipment used can not only be effectively used for the separation of hydrometallurgical copper, but also is suitable for the separation of other hydrometallurgical metals and extraction separation systems that are difficult to carry out in gravity fields (such as oil-water separation, wastewater treatment, etc.), and has unique advantages in the research and development of new extraction processes.

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