The NMP waste solvents generated in the production process of the polyphenylene sulfide industry, aramid industry and lithium battery industry can all be recycled to improve economic benefits. Solvent extraction has become a recognized effective way to recycle NMP waste solvents.

Tiei Extraction, as a world-renowned liquid-liquid extraction equipment and process service provider, has launched the CWL-M green new extraction process system for NMP waste solution recovery and extraction. The system uses CWL-M continuous countercurrent centrifugal extraction equipment and suitable extractants for extraction, which can extract NMP components from NMP waste solvents. The subsequent extraction phase can be distilled and separated, or stripped, and the solvent can be recovered and regenerated for recycling.

The CWL-M green new extraction process system has mild extraction conditions, high product purity, no equipment corrosion and clogging problems, greatly reduced equipment costs, easy recovery of the extractant, broad industrial prospects, and good social benefits.

Process Flow of Recovery and Extraction of NMP Waste Solvent

1.Extraction: Send the NMP waste solvent into the CWL-M centrifugal extractor, and add the extractant, and perform continuous countercurrent extraction. The operating temperature of the extraction equipment is 25°C, and the mass ratio of the extractant to the NMP waste solvent is 2:1.

2.Distillation to recover the solvent: The extraction phase (composed of extractant and NMP) sent from the centrifugal extraction equipment is sent to the extraction phase distillation tower for distillation and separation of NMP and extractant.

CWL-M Centrifugal Extractor is a highly efficient device that uses centrifugal force to achieve liquid-liquid two-phase extraction and separation. It adopts an upper suspension structure and a fully sealed design, with low energy consumption and no leakage risk. The equipment can achieve a variety of functions, such as liquid-liquid two-phase mixing mass transfer, reaction, extraction, washing, separation, etc.
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