Phenol Wastewater Extraction Production line Project

Construction unit: A metal material company in Henan

Production time: 2017

Main machine selection: 4sets CWL350-M Centrifugal Extractor

Mixed flux: 7m³/h

Project Overview

Phenol and its derivatives are widely used as an important chemical raw material in oil refining, dyestuff, paper making, rubber, medicine and other industries, Thus large amount of phenol wastewater is produced.

Phenol wastewater is one of the important pollutants in water. It not only poses a serious threat to human health, but also does harm to animals and plants. On the other hand, phenolic substances are important chemical raw materials with high added value. Therefore, the separation and purification of phenolic substances in sewage is a very effective method to realize environmental protection and resource utilization.

This customer, The water quality of the wastewater is as follows: the phenol content is 3500ppm and the COD is 5200ppm.

We use two-stage extraction and three-stage reverse extraction to treat the wastewater.

After treatment, the total phenol content in the wastewater is reduced to 26ppm and the COD is reduced to 150ppm.

Technology Process Introduction

The technical process provided by Tiei as following:

  1. Pre-treatment: Firstly the wastewater isadded with acid to adjust pH to meet the process requirements of the extraction section, then enters the pre-treatment tank or other oil removal and sedimentation equipment, after removing the sedimentation and oilthen flowing into the storage tank being waiting extracted.
  2. Dephenolization: the pretreated wastewater and high-efficiency extractant are quantitatively sent to a multi-stage countercurrent extraction centrifuge through a pump and a flowmeter to complete dephenolization; At the same time, alkali liquor is used to reverse extract the phenol containing load, which is the regeneration of extractant. The wastewater after phenol removal enters the next section.

CWL-M centrifugal extractor applied in this extraction production project, with the advantages of low treatment cost, small energy consumption and small floor area. At the same time, the process is a closed circulation system and can also realize “0” discharge of waste water.

Project Following

Tiei centrifugal extractor solve the problem of wastewater reuse, and the treatment cost is greatly saved.

Customer Evaluation

Tiei equipment quality and configuration plan are indeed trustworthy.


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