As an indispensable basic raw material in the fields of medicine, dyes and pesticides, the preparation process equipment of nitrobenzene attracts attention. Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction Company, with its advanced CWL-M series centrifugal extractors, has demonstrated significant process advantages in the extraction and purification of nitrobenzene.

The preparation of nitrobenzene usually uses benzene and nitric acid as raw materials, and nitrobenzene is generated through nitration reaction. In this process, centrifugal extractors are mainly used to separate nitrobenzene and by-products (such as sodium nitrite, water, etc.). Tiei Extraction CWL-M series centrifugal extractors use centrifugal force to achieve efficient separation between liquid-liquid phases, and have the advantages of good separation effect, large processing capacity, and easy operation.
Its process mainly includes pretreatment and extraction. In the core extraction operation, the CWL-M series centrifugal extractor, with its unique upper suspension single-point structure, does not require bottom bearings and mechanical seals, fundamentally eliminates the risk of leakage, and greatly enhances the stability and safety of the equipment. By precisely controlling the speed and flow rate, the equipment promotes the full mixing and rapid separation of the two-phase liquid during high-speed rotation, and nitrobenzene is effectively transferred to the extractant, while the by-products are effectively isolated, realizing an efficient and clean separation process.

The technical advantages of CWL-M series Centrifugal Extractor in the application of nitrobenzene extraction are mainly reflected in:
1.Structure and durability. The single-point design simplifies the structure, eliminates the frequent failure points of traditional equipment, significantly extends the service life, and greatly saves maintenance costs.
2.Corrosion resistance. The equipment can be customized to use perfluorinated polymer materials, which effectively resists strong acid corrosion, especially suitable for harsh environments such as nitration reactions, ensuring long-term stable operation.
3.Flexibility and automation. A variety of mixed structure designs enable the equipment to adapt to various systems, especially the efficient separation of easily emulsified systems. The fast-changing heavy phase weir plate design and miniaturized equipment liquid storage greatly improve the convenience of operation. In addition, the CWL-M series supports online real-time monitoring and GMP-standard online cleaning systems, and is compatible with intermittent and continuous production modes, fully reflecting its high level of automation.

The application of Tiei Extraction CWL-M series centrifugal extractors in nitrobenzene extraction not only optimizes the process flow and improves production efficiency, but also provides an ideal solution for the chemical industry through its excellent energy-saving and environmental protection performance and strong corrosion resistance. The successful practice of this innovative technology not only marks a major breakthrough in chemical separation technology, but also makes an important contribution to promoting the industry to develop in a more environmentally friendly, efficient and intelligent direction.