Ternary lithium battery refers to ternary polymer lithium battery, which refers to the lithium battery whose positive electrode material uses ternary positive electrode material of lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide or lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide.
If waste ternary lithium batteries are not treated, they will seriously pollute the environment. If the substances in waste lithium-ion batteries enter the ecosystem, they can cause heavy metal nickel and cobalt pollution, fluorine pollution, organic pollution, dust and acid-base pollution.Therefore, we need to recycle the cobalt and nickel elements in waste ternary batteries.

The ternary lithium battery recycling and extraction process scheme for nickel, cobalt, manganese and lithium launched by Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction Technology Co., Ltd. includes two stages: pretreatment and wet centrifugal extraction and recovery:

  1. Pretreatment. Pretreatment is to discharge the waste lithium battery in salt water, remove the outer packaging of the battery, and remove the metal steel shell to obtain the battery cell inside. The battery cell consists of a negative electrode, a positive electrode, a diaphragm and an electrolyte. The negative electrode is attached to the surface of the copper foil, the positive electrode is attached to the surface of the aluminum foil, and the diaphragm is an organic polymer; the electrolyte is attached to the surface of the positive and negative electrodes, which is an organic carbonate solution of lipf6. The high-value components in various types of waste materials after disassembly will be recovered later.
  2. Wet centrifugal extraction treatment. Wet extraction treatment is different from dry recovery technology. It uses various acidic and alkaline solutions as transfer media to transfer metal ions from electrode materials to leachate, and then extracts metal ions from the solution in the form of salts, oxides, etc. through filtration, extraction, washing, stripping, and regeneration. The extractant is recycled.

The wet centrifugal extraction process mainly uses the new CWL-M series centrifugal extractor developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction, which has the advantages of small footprint and large processing flexibility; simple process flow and convenient operation; stable quality of stripping solution to meet different production requirements; small amount of residual aqueous solvent after treatment, which can reduce the processing pressure of subsequent sections.
The entire wet centrifugal extraction process not only has high extraction efficiency and good extraction effect, but also has low power and energy saving, and small discharge of wastewater, waste gas and waste residue. It is currently the deserved green ternary lithium battery extraction process in China.