Nickel is mainly used as an active component of catalysts in hydrogenation processes, such as hydrorefining of petroleum fractions, oil hydrogenation, etc. The nickel content in waste nickel catalysts produced during the hydrogenation process is 6% to 20%, which is much higher than the nickel content in lean ore. Waste materials represented by spent nickel catalysts are called "secondary resources". Nickel exists in two forms, Ni and NiO, in spent nickel catalysts.

Generally, nickel recovery requires first oxidizing nickel into nickel oxide at high temperature, then removing iron through acid leaching and oxidation, and extracting nickel in the form of nickel sulfate through the filtered nickel solution. Since the waste nickel catalyst contains a lot of impurity zinc, the chemical properties of zinc and nickel are very similar, and it is difficult to separate them from each other. Zinc affects the extraction of nickel, resulting in a decrease in the extraction rate and purity of nickel.

Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction launched the method for recovering nickel from spent catalysts. Innovations are made in the following two aspects:
1.Use mixed reagents to change the selectivity of the extractant and improve the nickel extraction recovery rate.
2.Use the green new CWL-M centrifugal extraction process technology, which is a green extraction process developed based on the cation exchange and complex extraction principles in metal extraction combined with the new CWL-M new extraction equipment.

Tiei Extraction Nickel Recovery Process

1.CWL-M centrifugal extractor is used as the core extraction equipment. The nickel sulfate metal solution and extractant, diluent kerosene and industrial white oil are respectively fed into the CWL-M centrifugal extractor from their respective feed ports for extraction-stripping to obtain an organic phase and an aqueous phase containing nickel sulfate.
2.The organic phase is returned to the extraction process for secondary extraction.
3.The aqueous phase containing nickel sulfate is evaporated and crystallized to produce refined nickel sulfate.

In this process, the nickel extraction rate can be increased to 95%, and the purity of nickel reaches the refined nickel sulfate level.

Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction launched the CWL-M series centrifugal extractor, which has the following features:
1.High metal extraction rate.
2.The quality of the stripping solution is stable and can meet different production requirements.
3.The amount of residual solvent in the treated aqueous phase is small, which can reduce the processing pressure of subsequent stages.
4.The extraction equipment occupies a small area and has great processing flexibility.

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