Lactic acid is a simple hydroxy acid that is widely found in humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms. There is an asymmetric carbon atom in the lactic acid molecule, so it is optically active; among them, l-lactic acid is dextrorotatory, d-lactic acid is levorotatory, and dl-lactic acid is racemic. As one of the three major organic acids in the world, lactic acid is widely used in brewing, medicine, food, cigarettes, leather making and other industrial fields.

At present, the lactic acid extraction processes include: calcium salt method, extraction method, distillation method, esterification and hydrolysis method. Among the distillation methods, molecular distillation is widely used in production. For example, there are methods in the prior art for obtaining lactic acid by acid hydrolysis, decolorization, ion exchange, reduced pressure concentration, thin film evaporation, and molecular distillation of lactic acid fermentation broth. However, most of the above methods have the defects of low lactic acid yield and will discharge a large amount of lactic acid distillation kettle bottoms.

In order to solve the problems of large lactic acid loss, low yield, low purity, serious pollution and inability to produce continuously in the above lactic acid separation and extraction process, Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction uses a new type of ionic solvent to extract lactic acid from crude lactic acid solution through coupled adsorption, so that lactic acid is effectively separated from water and other impurities, and then the thermal sensitivity of the solvent is used to separate lactic acid from the solvent. The Tiei Extraction solvent extraction method is used to purify lactic acid, and the final product has high inclusion, good product quality, good thermal stability, and all indicators are qualified and better than the national standard requirements.

CWL-M Series Centrifugal Extractor Acid Extraction Process Equipment Characteristics

  1. High efficiency: the residual concentration of lactic acid in the aqueous feed after coupled adsorption separation is low.
  2. Strong selectivity: only lactic acid and substances with the same polarity are adsorbed, and other substances are not adsorbed.
  3. Low production cost: Since coupled adsorption separation is carried out under normal pressure, no other raw materials are required.
  4. High separation quality: product quality indicators reach and partially exceed the level of similar international products.

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