There are many methods for extracting penicillin from fermentation broth, such as activated carbon adsorption, precipitation, ion exchange, solvent extraction, etc. Solvent extraction is currently widely used, which is to mix an organic solvent with the solution pretreated with penicillin fermentation broth, and transfer penicillin from the aqueous phase to the solvent by adjusting the pH value, so as to achieve the purpose of purification and concentration.

Solvent extraction mainly includes the following ways to extract and separate penicillin:

1.Extraction method in which penicillin solution is extracted into a solvent through the liquid-liquid extraction separator.
2.Three-step extraction method in which penicillin solution is extracted into solvent, transferred into buffer solution, and then extracted into solvent phase from buffer solution.
3.One-step extraction azeotropic crystallization method in which penicillin is directly extracted into solvent and then azeotropic crystallization is performed.
4.Direct extraction method in which penicillin fermentation broth is directly extracted using a decanter.

These extraction methods can all achieve the purpose of purifying penicillin, but they all require the use of demulsifiers to achieve the extraction process of separating the solvent phase and the aqueous phase, and they all need to go through the decolorization process before penicillin crystallization. Therefore, the process is complicated and costly. The use of demulsifiers causes environmental pollution of discharged water, increasing the difficulty and cost of sewage treatment. No matter what kind of extraction equipment and demulsifier are used, the secondary countercurrent extraction yield is lower than the theoretical yield.

We must adopt a more efficient extraction process for penicillin purification to overcome the above shortcomings. The new penicillin purification extraction process does not introduce any surfactant demulsifiers, the process is simple, the extraction yield is close to the theoretical yield, the cost is low, and the product quality is good. The new extraction process for penicillin purification is as follows:

After pretreatment, the penicillin fermentation broth is adjusted to pH value and then subjected to countercurrent extraction. The main equipment adopts CWL-M series new centrifugal extractor. And then the extract enters the centrifugal extractor for washing, and the washing water is mixed with the raffinate and then enters the solvent recovery tower to recover the solvent.

The outstanding advantage of this process is that the countercurrent extraction adopts the CWL-M series new centrifugal extractor, which operates continuously, has stable performance, high product quality and high yield, greatly reduces production costs, and the product does not need to be decolorized to reach and exceed the color grade requirements of crystallization, simplifying the process.

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