In recent years, Zhengzhou TIEI Extraction has launched the high-efficiency lithium precipitation mother liquor extraction system, which has the characteristics of high lithium extraction yield, green and pollution-free, simple process, less equipment, less land occupation, fast construction, low investment, low production cost, and strong promotion and other advantages, providing the new solution for the field of lithium extraction from lithium precipitation mother liquor in our country.

In the production process of lithium carbonate, the yield of the lithium precipitation section is low, about 80%, and the other 20% of lithium is dissolved in the lithium precipitation mother liquor. The traditional recovery method of lithium from lithium precipitation mother liquor mainly adopts neutralization-evaporation-crystallization method. This method has complex process, high energy consumption and high cost. The high-efficiency lithium precipitation mother liquor extraction system launched by Zhengzhou TIEI Extraction effectively solves these problems.

The main technical innovations of this system are:

  1. High lithium extraction yield: Using new extraction agents, extraction processes and extraction equipment, lithium can be extracted directly from the lithium precipitation mother liquor, and the lithium extraction yield can reach more than 90-96%.
  2. Green and pollution-free: no third phase is produced during extraction, and no other waste water, waste gas, or waste residue is discharged during the production process.
  3. Simple process: The technical process is simple, requires less equipment, occupies less space, is fast to construct, and has low investment.
  4. Low production cost: It is used to extract lithium precipitation mother liquor to produce high-purity lithium carbonate. The production cost is about 6-8 thousand yuan, which can increase the lithium precipitation yield by 20% and reduce the total production cost by 10%.
  5. Strong generalizability: It can be used for lithium precipitation mother liquor treatment in all existing lithium carbonate production enterprises to directly produce battery grade or high-purity grade lithium carbonate.

At present, Zhengzhou TIEI high-efficiency extraction system for lithium precipitation mother liquor has been successfully used in the lithium recovery project of lithium precipitation mother liquor of a large listed lithium company in Qinghai. The new extraction method has the advantages of low investment, high recovery rate, low operating cost, safety and environmental protection. It has certain advantages in production costs, has received good response from customers in Qinghai, and has high recognition. Zhengzhou TIEI Extraction will continue to provide better services for the field of lithium extraction from lithium precipitation mother liquor.