The lithium content in the earth's crust is relatively low, and salt lakes have become a rich source of lithium resources. Lithium is widely used in many fields such as military, aerospace and glass manufacturing due to its excellent physical and chemical properties. As the demand for lithium continues to increase, the development of salt lake lithium extraction processes has become increasingly important.

At present, common methods for extracting lithium from salt lakes include precipitation, solvent extraction, and adsorption. In order to achieve high efficiency and low cost of lithium extraction from salt lakes, scientists and engineers have been looking for more optimized extraction methods. Among them, solvent extraction method has become a green, efficient and low-cost lithium extraction process from brine.

The solvent extraction method uses the special extraction properties of organic solvents to separate lithium and magnesium, and improves the extraction rate of lithium through multiple extractions. After years of research, Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction has adopted new extraction solvents and processes to address the many problems existing in lithium extraction from high Mg/Li ratio brine, combined with efficient and corrosion-resistant centrifugal extraction key equipment, and it has developed a fully automatic industrial production line for lithium extraction from brine that is environmentally friendly, has superior product quality, and has low operating costs. The entire production process mainly includes four units: extraction, washing, stripping and regeneration.

Tiei's salt lake brine lithium extraction production line has the advantages of simple process, high efficiency and low raw material consumption, and can produce battery-grade lithium carbonate with a purity of up to 99.9%.

As the demand for lithium continues to increase, improving the lithium extraction process from salt lakes has become critical. Through continuous exploration and innovation, we can achieve a more efficient and economical lithium extraction process, thereby promoting the sustainable development of the lithium industry.