The mixed clarifier is a traditional hydrometallurgical extraction equipment that appeared earlier. In the mixed separation operation, gravity is mainly used for natural separation. Centrifugal extractor is a new, environment-friendly, green and efficient extraction equipment emerging in the market in recent years. Centrifugal extractor relies on centrifugal force for mixing and separation. Their working principles are essentially different. There are also many opinions about the substitution of centrifugal extraction for traditional extraction tank equipment. Now let's compare the two to see what are the differences in working principle, performance, etc.

  1. Mixing clarifier, working principle, equipment material and performance characteristics

① Working principle: Two phase separation is realized by gravity. It is divided into mixing chamber and clarification chamber according to the proportion of 1:3; The mixing mass transfer of the feed liquid in the mixing chamber through the mixer enters the clarification chamber through the overflow baffle, and the outlet is perforated according to the two-phase density.

② Material design: generally based on the capacity, material and two-phase density, it can be divided into 300ML, 1L and 2L, and the material is PMMA (acrylic)/PP (polypropylene); 9L material: PMMA.

③ Performance advantages: stable performance; There is more flexibility between stages and lower processing and manufacturing costs.

  1. Working principle and performance characteristics of centrifugal extractor

① Working principle: under the effect of centrifugal force, the heavy ones are far away from the drum center, close to the drum wall and flow upward, while the small ones are on the contrary. Two in and two out: the heavy phase outlet is at the upper part, and the light phase outlet is at the lower part.

② Equipment material: full fluorine drum material, resistant to strong acid corrosion; Pipe material: PVDF (transparent, easy to observe, corrosion resistant)

③ Performance advantages: small floor area, energy-saving space; High single-stage efficiency and extraction rate; Low power consumption, good energy-saving effect; Fully automatic operation without monitoring.

  1. Three reasons why centrifugal extractors can replace more and more extraction tanks

Zhengzhou Tianyi Extraction CWL-M Series Centrifugal Extractor

① More efficient. The centrifugal separation principle can realize rapid separation of two phases and more thorough separation.

② Cost savings. It is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, lower power consumption, and second, more saving of extractants.

③ Small footprint. The design of the tank requires a special site, and the larger the extraction amount, the more stages, the larger the site required.

  1. Which manufacturer is good for centrifugal extractor

The traditional centrifugal extractor equipment on the market is easy to be corroded, the bottom mechanical seal and bearing are easy to be damaged, the maintenance is frequent, the cost is high, and the power consumption is high. In view of the problems existing in the centrifugal extractor, Zhengzhou Tianyi extraction technicians, after years of scientific research and innovation, launched a new type of CWL-M centrifugal extractor. Technical advantages of the new CWL centrifugal extractor:

① Corrosion resistance upgrade: the materials have been upgraded, including not only ordinary stainless steel, but also other special materials such as fluorine. After treatment, they can resist the corrosion of strong acids, strong alkalis and organic solvents.

② Lower maintenance cost: the bottom bearing and mechanical seal are gone, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

③ Lower power consumption: Under the same processing environment, the power consumption of new equipment is only 1/10~1/3 of that of traditional equipment.